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Sierra Service Project

, North America


Phone: +1 (916) 488-6441

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Sierra Service Project: Summer Youth Service Projects
Youth service projects for High School & Middle School youth groups. Sharing God’s love through service in low-income communities.
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Sierra Service Project: Summer Youth Service Projects
40 Years of Building: Faith • Relationships • Community
SSP is a Christian nonprofit organization providing life-changing youth service projects in low-income communities.
youth to experience the profound power of serving people with a culture and background different from their own. Safe, challenging and affirming service allows individuals to grow and be transformed. Through acts of selfless service, we strive to exemplify God’s unconditional love. We embrace diversity which gives our communities strength and vitality. As an organization, we are more impactful when we collaborate with others.
“It’s a great way to gain perspective and spread the love of God.”
“I always come back with my heart warm, mind refreshed, and a new outlook on life.”
“It was great to work with such an amazing team, it helped me become a better leader.”
“It’s so much fun and always the highlight of my summer.”
“I enjoyed working and learning how to use power tools. It was really happy with my team and what we did.”
“A great opportunity to meet new friends and strengthen your faith.”
if your high school or middle school youth group have a story to share with the SSP community!
Building faith and strengthening communities through service to others.
We provide youth with opportunities to share God’s love through selfless service in low-income communities.
© 2017 Sierra Service Project - All Rights Reserved

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